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Kaleidoscope || 30th May 2012

Last Wednesday, we had the most accidental shoot for It’s All About Hue’s gorgeous new collection (out in a few days!).

Neon, pastel and print overload! It was accidental because it rained really hard so we had to change locations. Praise the Lord, it all worked out in the end. This has got to be one of my favorite shoots yet, especially because of the colors and the team. Such wonderful, serendipitous misfortune!

I am very proud of the team we had because I’ve seen all of these people transform! Kyla my love, the owner of the store, was one of the first people who gave me lovely presents to show on my blog. From little printed pouches to all these gorgeous clothes, I am a proud one! My girl Karla on the other hand just really transformed right in front of my eyes. This beautiful lady and I have had numerous shoots and I still remember the first one we had in school. I am so proud of her! Mitch, our lovely make-up artist, and I have been contacts from our Multiply days and I am so glad that we have crossed paths once again. I never knew she had such passion for make-up.

Blessed by this team! ❤ 

I will be posting more from the set soon! And a lot of other things. :-)

Photography: Me || Modeling: Karla Aguas || Styling: Kyla Zuniga || Make-up: Mitch Mabutas  || for It’s All About Hue


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