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What’s in my Make-Up Kit?

Since I don’t really put much make up on due to the sensitivity of my skin (it’s so sensitive it’s annoying) I really make sure that when I find a make up brand that agrees with my skin, I stick to it. I love how the brands of my make up also vary, depending on what I rely on the brand for. I decided that since a lot of you ask me on my ASK site what brands of make up I use and what products I love, I’m making this blog post now.

Here are some of my “make up essentials” that I bring with me wherever I go. Hope you enjoy it! :)

For my skin:

MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC30 - I’m so happy that my older sister Trina got me this for Christmas. I’ve been eyeing it for so long but being kuripot, I’d opt to buy clothes instead. Anyway, I’m so glad I finally have it. It’s got to be the best addition to my sad and little make up collection. The powder (plus foundation apparently) is super light on the skin and stays perfect all throughout the day. From morning to evening I can attest to the fact that my face looked the same even after sweating and being exposed under the sun for a long time! It definitely is a must have! :)

Shiseido Luminizing Brush Powder in 2 Beige Shimmer/Satin - When my mom first gave me this, I was hesitant since the only powder I put on my face is baby powder. But never refusing a gift, I decided to try it… And I was so happy I did! The brush is so soft and I love using it to apply powder on my face. Having it’s own powder and brush makes this the easiest thing to bring around one’s bag. After applying my baby powder, whenever I feel oily or not too “pretty” anymore I whip this baby out and apply a fresh batch of powder on my face. I even use the brush for my MAC powder too! It’s perfect for touch ups!

Faceshop Blush in PK103 - I love Faceshop. I really really do. I never thought that a brand so cheap could work so well on my face! My skin agrees with most of the Faceshop products I’ve tried so whenever they come out with a new line of products I check it out, without fear or hesitation. This is my favorite blush of theirs. It’s not only in a cute and natural light pink shade but it’s light on the face as well! And it also adds a little shimmer on your cheeks giving you that extra “sparkle!”

For my brows:

Faceshop Brow Powder Duo in 1 - This is what a lot of you have been asking me about. What I put to my eyebrows. And here it is! Another product of Faceshop, I just LOVE this brow powder set! It fills my brows perfectly and lasts all day! I just love its brush too!

For my eyes:

(Top to Bottom) Maybelline Smoked Kohl Eyeliner in Burnished Copper, Lancome Le Crayon Khol Eyeliner in Noir and Prestige Eyeliner in E30 White - I don’t really put eyeliner on a normal day at school or to the mall but on nights out and when I know I have somewhere to be and I don’t want to look too “casual” I add a little liner. I love these three liners, they’re all so soft and easy to apply! I use the brown one on days where it’s still a little early or when I want a more natural look. I use the black one for a more obvious and dramatic look, usually when I go out at night. I also use it for when I do smokey eyes! Lastly the white one. Ever since I watched an episode on Top Model where Tyra Banks said that white liner makes your eyes look bigger and makes you look less “puyat” I went out and bought myself one. And she was right! I love using white liner to look fresher and more awake! I also love it for when I have dark eye make up.

For my lips:

MAC Rebel (Satin) and MAC Ruby Woo (Matte) - I really love MAC lipstick. I think they have the best lipsticks, especially their Matte and Satin lines. Ruby Woo and Rebel are the two I bring around with me wherever I go. The REBEL is my ultimate favorite color, it’s purple ish with a bit of red and I just love it! It applies on satin (semi shiny) but it dries matte! And I just LOVE matte lipstick! Then there’s RUBY WOO, aside from Russian Red being one of their nicest reds, Ruby Woo for me is another one. It’s a deeper, richer red and I think it’s perfect for when you’re lazy to put any make up on your face except on your lips. A good shade of lipstick will definitely bring life to your face!

Nivea Fruity Shine Lip balm in Cherry - When I’m lazy and just going to run errands or go to school I don’t really put on lipstick. I do, however, put on this. I love Nivea’s Fruity Shine line mainly because I love the flavors, and Cherry is my favorite! I also love that it really moisturizes your lips and leaves on a bit of color and a lot of shine! It’s perfect for everyday!

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